What can a coach do for me?

  • Ask you the right questions to help you plan more effectively
  • Provide you with another perspective
  • Help you see that which you cannot or do not want to see
  • Be your accountability partner
  • Assist you to work smarter and get improved results
  • Serve as a trusted and “safe” person with whom you can talk, vent and explore the issues most important to you
  • Guide you through the maze of working on your personal issues which are hindering your success
  • Leverage your strengths to meet and exceed organizational goals

Can I afford a coach?

An investment in coaching is an investment in yourself, your employee or the business.  Coaching is a proven strategy for improving performance.  The return on your investment (ROI) is typically great.  Many individuals and organizations find that coaching actually makes them money (that is, they made more as a result of coaching than they invested in it).  The real question is can you afford to not have a coach?

What happens in a coaching session?

You and your coach will meet (in-person, via Skype, on the phone, etc.) periodically to discuss your agenda.  You will talk through issues, report on steps you have taken, design an action plan and talk about implementation strategies.  The coach provides some structure for the coaching session but does not dictate the agenda.  You are not forced to go through a pre-set program.  Instead, this time is focused on you and what you need.

What happens between coaching sessions?

You will act on the 60 day plan you created in consultation with your coach.  Your coach is available to you via phone, Skype and email throughout the month (as described in the level of service you select) for conversation, dialogue and assistance.

How does the coaching arrangement work when the company retains the coach and assigns clients to the coach?

The coaching relationship is similar to that described above with a few differences.  When the company retains the coach, typically the coaching revolves around meeting specific goals of the company and or addressing issues raised by the company.  The company would receive some feedback from the coach about the sessions and the progress being made on organizational goals.  The coach would also have an initial meeting with the company representative to clarify the goals the organization seeks to meet through coaching.