Frequently Asked Questions

1. What kinds of services are offered by DNA Coaching?

2. Does DNA Coaching work with all kinds of churches?

3. What can DNA Coaching offer judicatories and denominations?

4. How can DNA Coaching help me assess the vitality of my church?

5. Can DNA Coaching custom-design material for my use?

6. What level of investment will I need to make?

7. What is cluster coaching and how can it help me?

8. How is coaching conducted in a coaching contract?

9. How can I find out more about coaching, the value of a coach, the services of DNA Coaching and obtain great material for free??!!

1. DNA Coaching offers a wide variety of services including the coaching of leaders, the coaching of churches, working with judicatories to create healthy church planting systems, working with judicatories to foster transformation among existing churches, coaching new church start projects, performing statistical analysis of the results of a group of churches on the Church Transformation Survey, leading workshops and training events, consulting with churches (individually and/or in clusters), facilitating the Natural Church Development process in churches, assisting with the formation of selection criteria for leaders, assessing church planters and creating custom training and research materials. top

2. Yes, Don and DNA Coaching work with many Christian denominations. These have included United Methodist, Presbyterian, National Association of Christian Congregational Churches, Southern Baptists, Mennonite, Independent, Lutheran and more. top

3. DNA Coaching has a great deal to offer judicatories to support their efforts and bring expertise and insight into their system. These services can include:

  • Creating and strengthening a healthy church planting system
  • Supporting efforts for the transformation of congregations through training coaches, presenting workshops, assisting with the formation of selection criteria, coaching clusters of churches, teaching effective leadership skills and more
  • Providing an objective tool for measuring the vitality of congregations and, in turn, the judicatory. Don has created the Church Transformation Survey a dynamic new tool called by one United Methodist Bishop a stroke of genius!
  • Creating a statistical analysis of the churches within a judicatory based on the Church Transformation Survey and the Church and Leader Information Form, new tools created by Don
  • Assessing church planting candidates
  • Working with ministry selection boards to strengthen the assessment and selection process
  • Working with high-potential pastors to help them set the standard for ministry within the judicatory
  • Working with lower performing pastors to help them learn new skills and action patters so that they can be more successful in ministry. top

4. DNA Coaching can assess the health and vitality of a church in two ways.

  • The Church Transformation Survey this is an objective tool that can be completed quickly and provides great insight into the dynamics and effectiveness of a church. It scores a church into one of three categories Dying, Maintaining or Transforming.
  • The Ministry Performance Review this involves the completion of an in-depth assessment tool as well as the Church Transformation Survey. It will take roughly 2-3 months for the church to complete. The material is returned to Don who will then create a personalized consultation report for the church.
  • Please note that on-site consultation is available with either option. top

5. Yes, DNA Coaching is happy to customize its current material or create custom-designed material to meet your needs. top

6. The investment required will depend on the type and extent of services provided. On-site consultation is available on a per day charge with a discount for multiple consecutive days (plus fees and expenses). Customized material costs depend on the amount of time needed to create them. Consultation reports based on the Ministry Performance Review are provided at a cost of $800 each; a discounted rate is available to judicatories and groups contracting for more than five reports. The assessment of church planters usually involves a base cost for the first assessment and a per person charge for each additional assessment. An assessment report is provided for each person assessed. The Church Transformation Survey and associated material is available for licensing to judicatories, denominations, associations, etc. at a per church cost for a one year use basis. top

7. Cluster coaching is when three or more churches or pastors contract for coaching services. The benefits of cluster coaching are many and include both the reduction of the per person cost and the added richness of the experience gained by interacting with other pastors and/or churches. top

8. Coaching happens both through on-site visits and via email and phone communication between visits. Those being coached have access to Don throughout the year via email and pre-arranged phone calls. Those in coaching clusters will form an email circle in which all posts, questions and responses are sent to all participants. An on-site visit is recommended for those entering into coaching contracts but is not required; many people have been greatly enriched by having a coach and have never met the coach in person. top

9. Check out our resources section of the web site. You will find many articles related to coaching, church planting, church transformation and becoming more effective in ministry. For additional information, contact don at top

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